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Whoever you are, wherever you're from, you are welcome here.

Committed to Raising World Changers
The goal of Front Line Ministries School of Ministry is to ignite a fire in our students and place them in the community to set their realm of influence on fire for Jesus so that the church is back to the original intent of being outside of the four walls. The big question is, how?

This answer is simple.... JESUS!

With over 300 years of ministry experience, the Front Line staff is committed to fueling the fire of every student to be fully educated, discipled and activated into Kingdom living. Not just with knowledge of theological ideas, but a lifestyle change from intimate personal encounters with the person of Jesus.

Passion Projects

Throughout the 3 year program, FLSM is committed to challenge all students to search their hearts for what they are most passionate about, set practical goals towards that passion, and then accomplishing those goals to make their passion a reality.

Whether it is starting a bakery, opening a wedding decor shop,  owning a financial investment firm, or being part of a church planting team; we at FLSM want to help you succeed in what YOU are passionate about.

"One of the greatest tragedies in society is that we think what we are good at and what we are called to are the same thing. What if we have been robbed of our full potential because we were never given a chance to take a risk and fully explore something we are passionate about, but instead forced to keep up with society by doing something we were simply good at?
Don't settle for only what you are good at, take a risk with something you love!"
~Brandon Byrd~
Director of FLSM

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